chef’s suggestion

w. Rice
101 General Tso’s ChickenTender chicken chunks, marinated & fried to a crisp, then sauteed w. red pepper in a special sauce. 9.95
102 Filet of Beef w. ScallopsFilet beef, fresh scallops, red and green peppers, Chinese mushrooms, bamboo shoots, waterchestnuts broccoli, and cauliflower. 12.25
103 Chicken & Shrimp Szechuan StyleChicken and shrimps, sauteed with Chinese famous straw mushrooms , bamboo shoots, waterchestnuts baby corn, red & green pepper, and broccoli all in an exquisite brown 11.75
104 Filet of Shrimp w. ScallopsFilet shrimp, fresh scallops, red and green peppers, bamboo shoots broccoli, cauliflower, and mushrooms in spicy sauce. 12.25
105 Kung Po ChickenDiced breast of chicken cooked in a spicy pepper sauce and sprinkled with peanuts. 9.00
106 Triple Delight in Garlic SauceA superb blend of shrimp, chicken, pork, with shredded red & green peppers, bamboo shoots, waterchestnuts, wood ear, and onion in garlic sauce. 10.75
107 Orange Flavored Beef or ChickenThickly sliced tender beef or chicken pan-fried to perfection, flavored with our chef’s spicy orange sauce. 10.75
108 Kung Po ShrimpSliced jumbo shrimp sauteed with hot pepper sauce and sprinkled with peanuts. 9.50
109 Szechuan Style Beef or ChickenShredded prime beef or chicken blended with Chinese straw mushrooms, baby corn ,onion, red & green peppers & broccoli sauteed with hot chili sauce. 9.95
110 Szechuan Shrimp 11.00
111 Diced Chicken & Shrimp SauteedThe perfect couple expertly blended with sliced button mushroom, baby corn & red & green peppers in a luscious brown spicy sauce. 9.95
112 Szechuan Seafood DeluxeShrimp and scallop ,bamboo shoots, mushrooms, broccoli and mixed vegetable with spicy sauce. 15.95
113 Royal HunanA scrumptious combination of freshly sliced chicken, beef & shrimp, superable blended with Chinese straw mushrooms, baby corn, red & green peppers, & broccoli in the chef’s extraordinary special spicy sauce. 12.95
114 Singapore Thin Rice NoodleNo Rice 9.95
115 Hawaii ChickenFresh chunks of chicken with pineapple, snow peas, and our house special sauce. 9.95
116 Seafood SpecialShrimp and scallops, cooked with mushrooms with waterchestnuts and snow pea pods, vegetable blended in a delectable sauce. 15.95
117 Honey Walnut w. Jumbo Shrimp 12.00
118 Double HappinessCombine with general tso’s chicken & shrimp 11.25
119 Ho Yu Gai PooThis is our chef’s special. It consists of tender chicken meat dipped in a thin batter, fried to golden brown, then sauteed with roast pork, snow pea pods, mushrooms. Truly a masterpieces of culinary art. 10.50
120 Flat Rice Noodle w. Beef or Chicken or Shrimp or Pork (No Rice) 9.75
121 General Tso’s ShrimpSurrounded w. Broccoli 10.95
122 Four SeasonsFresh diced cut chicken, roast pork, duck and sauteed with diced Chinese vegetables, onion, waterchestnuts bamboo shoots. 10.95
123 Mandarin Triple CrownShrimp, chicken, roast pork skillfully blended with assorted Chinese vegetable and exquisitely flavored with oyster sauce. 10.95
124 Moo Shu Pork or ChickenTender shreds of pork or chicken egg and cabbage, and bamboo shoots, mixed with sundried tiger lily flower and served with( 5) special prepared thin pancakes. 9.00
125 War Shu Duck 11.95
126 Sesame Chicken 9.95
127 Lemon Chicken 9.25
128 Happy Family 13.95
129 House Special Thin Rice Noodle (No Rice) 9.95